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PicoFill Systems is a consultancy company that collaborates with companies to develop prototypes for life science & coating applications.

PicoFill Systems licenses the rights to companies of two patented fluidics technologies:

1.  Computer Controlled Parallel Electrospraying of liquids onto substrates in the form of micrometer-scale spots or lines.
(i) parallel deposition of multiple liquids at high density (silica capillaries > 200 micron apart );
(ii) high speed deposition of homogenous lines of liquids that are collected from titerplate wells (96, 384 & 1536 well plates).

Target Markets- MicroArray applications, Fraction Dotting onto MALDI plates, Applying NanoCoatings onto substrates. Complete Overview.
- Patent applied in USA, Canada, Europe and Japan

2.  Coverslip-slide technology to fill nanoliter-sized wells on-chip combined with sealing the filled wells to prevent evaporation during measurements.

- Target Markets - MicroArray applications & Fluid Sciences.
- Patent applied in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, China and India.
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